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Every day up to 4 million litres of whey. For endless possibilities

that's whey better.
For client, environment and product that's whey better. Experience the secret of wheycos success.

wheyco - that's whey better
our Claim - our Philosophy - our Uniqueness.

Since the commercial start of our young company late 2006 we've always had the strong desire to grow our enterprise and our first class service. In the meantime our wheyco-products have established themselves in Europe and to a large degree also internationally.

Through the steady development and improvements of our products, taking into consideration changing and increasing customer requirements, we have expanded our product range. Thus we now also offer high gel and heat stable whey protein concentrate and are Halal and Kosher certified.

But we want to do more. The possible applications for our products and their technical potential are by no means exhausted. We have a lot more planned for the future to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and to further convince you:

"wheyco - that's whey better"