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Every day up to 4 million litres of whey. For endless possibilities

that's whey better.
For client, environment and product that's whey better. Experience the secret of wheycos success.

Every day up to four million litres of whey are put through a 15,000-metre-long pipe system to be upgraded into whey protein ingredients in our showpiece plant in Altentreptow. The experience and know-how of our staff, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and processes, ensure that production runs smoothly.

Our development department continuously works on customer-specific solutions and new or improved ingredients and processes. After all, in the long run we don’t just want to be one of the largest whey processors; we also want to be one of the most innovative.

Naturally, we orient ourselves towards the requirements of the market and develop standard ingredients accordingly. However, it is equally important for us to meet the specific requirements of our customers and to find new solutions together.

Yet, it’s not just our ingredients and your end-products that we have close to our heart. We have developed a unique production process that allows exceptionally efficient energy usage. In this way, we too can make a contribution to the environment. In this respect we also believe: that’s whey better.