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Every day up to 4 million litres of whey. For endless possibilities

that's whey better.
For client, environment and product that's whey better. Experience the secret of wheycos success.

wheyco was founded in 2004 as an independent joint venture between HUMANA and NORDMILCH. With the merger of the two companies in May 2012, wheyco was integrated as an independent subsidiary in the DMK Group.

Due to the exceptional infrastructure of the location itself, we chose Altentreptow as our production site. Hamburg, Gateway to the World, proved to be the perfect location for our sales and marketing offices. Together, our locations form a strong unit when it comes to first-rate marketing of first-rate ingredients – both in the national and international markets.

Every day wheyco is able to add value to up to four million litres of whey, a by-product in the manufacture of cheese. This amounts to an annual 1.4 billion litres of processed whey. And thus, wheyco is already one of the largest whey processors in Europe just shortly after its foundation.

As a company, we see ourselves as a partner who is at eye level with their customers, bringing utmost dedication thinking along with them, taking the word “service“ absolutely seriously, understanding the needs of individual customers, and as a result being able to offer relevant added value. When people talk about us, we want to hear them say: that’s whey better.