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Privacy Policy

wheyco is new
Founded in 2004 as an independent joint venture between HUMANA and NORDMILCH. Commercial production in Altentreptow started mid 2006.

wheyco is convincing
We want to undeniably prove to our customers and business partners why our motto is: “that’s whey better“.

wheyco is valuable
The quality of our ingredients also largely determines the quality of your end-product. Therefore we only deliver absolutely superior ingredients.

wheyco is trustworthy
We want to gain our customers’ trust – through competence, superior quality and exemplary service.

wheyco is high-tech
Our production plant in Altentreptow uses state-of-the-art technology. This way we can guarantee trouble-free processing.

wheyco is personal
Our customers and business partners have an experienced contact person who knows and understands the individual needs of the customer and acts accordingly.

wheyco is unbureaucratic
Quite often things have to be done fast in our industry. We have created the necessary systems and processes that allow us to act fast and be flexible.

wheyco is innovative
Our development department is working enthusiastically on new and improved ingredients so that we will be able to meet the future needs of our customers.

wheyco is honest
We keep our promises. Period.